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"The drug war is... 

a disgrace and a scandal."

Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, a world renown economist is one of the few people old enough to remember the time before drug prohibition began.

Mr. Friedman, abhors the hundreds of billions of tax dollars lost in the tsunami of the drug war, but his concern goes beyond that loss.  He stated: "My main objection to the drug war is on moral grounds; I think its a disgrace and a scandal."

Millions of Americans stand with Mr. Friedman in calling for an end to this 92 year old fiasco of drug prohibition.  Our drug policy ensures funding for terrorists, drug cartels and criminals of every stripe.  The black market in drugs is the worlds largest multi-level-marketing organization with annual revenues of  500 billion dollars!

"The war on drugs is a huge and wasteful drain on resources, and we’re finding more and more alliances with fiscally conservative Republicans who say we need to think more critically about how we spend our money in this area. We have an issue which is mobilizing for people who care about social justice and racial justice.  Things are not going to change in Congress, they are not going to change in Washington, until things first change at the ground level in the states and the communities." - Ethan Nadelmann, Exec. Dir., Drug Policy Alliance




We've Been Duped!

Whether through overt action in direct support of traffickers and local drug sellers or by support made possible through  ignorance and superstition, those agents of government in support of eternal drug war are the best friends the terrorists, drug cartels and criminals could ever hope for.

If we take time to examine the voluminous and glaringly obvious evidence we find there is no truth, justice, logic, scientific fact or valid medical dataset to support the policy of drug prohibition.  We've been duped! - Dean Becker, Dir. End Prohibition

Houston Chronicle Editorial 7/10/05: "Absent, amid the discovery of repeated and extensive miscarriages of justice, is a sense of public outrage and shame that our justice system could be so permissive of wrong and so indifferent to right. Unless (we) demand justice from those charged with carrying it out, more innocent defendants will be punished while the guilty walk free."

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Terrible Truth

The drug laws are based in bigotry, steeped in superstition and have no constitutional authority whatsoever.  Listed below are just a few of the thousands of atrocities committed each year by agents of government in the name of eternal drug prohibition.

Prohibition is an Abomination

One Million Blacks in US Prisons

Missionaries Shot Out of the Sky by US Drug Enforcement Agency

Kids Killed in Drug Raids

1.6 Million Non-Violent Arrests each year for flowers and plant extracts

Meth Laws Make Meth Stronger

Aspirin & Tylenol cause MORE overdose than ALL Illegal Drugs Combined!

US Transfers Trillions To Terrorists

Quadriplegic D.C. Medical Marijuana Patient Dies in Custody